These Guidelines were updated on: The 4th day of April, 2024

Community Guidelines - Please remain community focused:

The SocialBubb Community Platform sole purpose is to support K-12 Educators & Parents with Substance Use Disorder & Addiction Prevention Community Support, Education and Information driven by community professionals. The SocialBubb objective, is to encourage connection with individual community members for meaningful engagement within group settings, virtual meetings and live events, in order to support ongoing SUD and Addiction Prevention Curriculum.

With that, we ask that community activities should be kept to building and growing groups, supporting curriculum, education and information focused exclusively for the aforementioned purpose, that are based in the expression of common decency and respect for the attributes of each other. Any posts or comments which fall outside of this, would risk being removed. Keep it honest & positive: Keep your posts and comments honest, accurate & positive. SocialBubb has zero tolerance for impersonation or writing multiple (negative) posts or comments and trolling another community member, group leader and/or admin.

Promotion & Spam policy:

We encourage you to promote your creative work, community interaction and discussion within SocialBubb, as that is the entire purpose of the SocialBubb Community Platform. Pitching your business and/or product as in ‘spam’ will not be tolerated, will be removed along with the possibility of being banned from the community.

Community Contribution:

Contribute quality content, as there are no stupid questions. We encourage all members, group leaders and admins to participate in conversations and initiate their own too. We’re all here to learn from each other in an all-inclusive creative community that thrives on diverse ideas, honest and decent human interaction between community members, group leaders and community admins.

The SocialBubb Community Platform is a space where SUD/Addiction Prevention Professionals, Educators and Parents can all come together to network, share knowledge and learn from each other and truly enjoy a positively charged Social-Media networking experience.

Please make use of the right groups when contributing to The SocialBubb Community Platform experience, as this will allow you to enjoy and appreciate what the community offers at the highest level. SocialBubb may in some cases move or cross post certain posts that we see fitting for either a different group or may benefit another group in the community. SocialBubb will also take the liberty to tidy up and polish posts for grammar/writing quality and aesthetic value. We strongly encourage using AI to create polished content within the community, so long as it complies with standard writing ethics. SocialBubb may also take the liberty at times to update posts with relevant facts and/or corrected facts as such. SocialBubb always retains the full right to remove any posts it does not see relevant or appropriate for the community as a whole. At times, SocialBubb may also repost User Generated Content to other Social-Media platforms, in order to draw attention to SocialBubb and our great work in the SUD/Addiction Prevention community for K-12 Education.

Stop bullying, harassment & discrimination:

The SocialBubb Community Platform's aim is to make members feel safe, included, respected and valued. Therefore, we do not tolerate any kind of bullying and harassment, including suggestive messaging. Instead, we champion equality and individuality. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind, including gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, identity or disability.

Help put a stop to harassment, bullying and discrimination by immediately reporting such activity to us we will take swift and whatever appropriate action necessary.

Flag threats of violence:

Much like harassment, we have zero tolerance for threats of violence towards another member, group leader and/or admin. This can include (but not limited to) death threats, scare tactics, hate speech, using someone's personal details to threaten them, or sharing these details publicly "doxing" (we take doxing very seriously, and it is against the law!). Any incidents of this nature will result in removal and ban from The SocialBubb Community Platform.

The SocialBubb Community Platform is a private community/entity: We reserve the right to take action on any violations of our Community Guidelines with sole internal discretion, and without necessitating further, or in-depth adjudication.

Real criminal activity such as harassment, harmful threats and stalking:

We take potential real criminal activity such as harassment, harmful threats and stalking very seriously. In the event we become aware of such unfortunate activity within our platform, we are prepared to and will cooperate with local law enforcement to the full extent of the law.

Be Kind & Respectful:

Kindness will go a long way, and in The SocialBubb Community Platform, we strive to make sure everyone is being treated kindly and respectfully.

Help us keep The SocialBubb Community Platform a clean, fun and great space to hang out and enjoy!

Found something you think doesn’t meet these Community Guidelines? Report it to us. We review every report and will always take the appropriate action.

For Questions, Issues, Violations and Reporting:

You can most efficiently reach out to us by submitting a support form here: SocialBubb Support Form